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New Yarn Technology

FYnesse® Fortify® technologies makes possible THREE LOG REDUCTION in microbial colony count, using a minimal amount of active ingredients that are gently on the environment.

About Us

Fiber & Yarn Products is located near the heart of the hosiery industry with manufacturing and distribution based in Hickory, North Carolina. From this location, we provide same day delivery in the local area and next day service to most of the Alabama, NC, SC, TN, and VA markets for stock items.

Air Covered Yarns – FYnesse®

The First Innovation in Air Covered Lycra® and spandex in many years Our unique product characteristics insure garment to garment sizing consisting Our superior product uniformity creates silkier, softer, smoother socks and apparel

FYP Facts


Did you know:

  • that we were founded in 1980 by Floyd G. Stewart and David C. Poole? They started FYP as a yarn brokerage for nylon and polyester feedstocks and textured yarns.
  • that we craft numerous diverse products for our customers? In fact, FYP has produced over 150 distinct SKUs this year to meet customer needs and requirements.
  • that we are always accepting applications to join our FYP family? Come to our manufacturing building at 1125 7th Ave NW in Hickory to learn more about us and to apply.

Recognizing awesome workers

In the last post, we gave a shout out to our Employee of the Month for June. Just realized that we haven’t mentioned employees of the month for earlier in the year and it’s time to remedy that. All of our FYP people combine to make a great team and we do like to toot the horn for our employees of the month. That said, congratulations to you all for being essential members of our family…we thank you for all that you do!!

Employees of the Month 2017

Jolanda S. (January) — Lue L. (February) — Scott P. (March) — Mai X. (April) — Edsel T. (May)

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Congratulations Ella!

Congratulations to Ella P. for being FYP’s Employee of the Month for June! Thanks Ella for your great contribution to our team!! And because you don’t like having your picture taken, we put up this cute kitty pic in your honor instead. 🙂