Innovative Yarns with FYnesse®
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New Yarn Technology

FYnesse® Fortify® technologies makes possible THREE LOG REDUCTION in microbial colony count, using a minimal amount of active ingredients that are gently on the environment.

About Us

Fiber & Yarn Products is located near the heart of the hosiery industry with manufacturing and distribution based in Hickory, North Carolina. From this location, we provide same day delivery in the local area and next day service to most of the Alabama, NC, SC, TN, and VA markets for stock items.

Air Covered Yarns – FYnesse®

The First Innovation in Air Covered Lycra® and spandex in many years Our unique product characteristics insure garment to garment sizing consisting Our superior product uniformity creates silkier, softer, smoother socks and apparel

F&YP Supporting the Fall Conference Meeting of the SYFA

F&YP representatives Donna Cress and Brad Seese proudly join industry leaders for the Fall Conference meeting of the Synthetic Yarn and Fabric Association.  This non-profit organization brings together an entire supply chain to advance the cause of innovation and continued growth of opportunity for the entire textile industry.

This meeting topic is: The Strong Economy and Advances in Technology