Innovative Yarns with FYnesse®
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About Us

FYP Employees

Founded in 1980 by David C. Poole, Fiber & Yarn Products was started as a yarn brokerage for nylon and polyester feed stock textured yarns. We continued in this venue until 1986, when we began texturing and twisting nylon and polyester for the primary textile industry. Currently we supply these products, as well as textured sewing thread, co-mingled yarns, twisted specialty yarns, and the FYnesse® Air Covered Product line.

Fiber & Yarn Products is located near the heart of the hosiery industry with manufacturing and distribution based in Hickory, North Carolina. From this location, we provide same day delivery in the local area and next day service to most of the Alabama, NC, SC, TN, and VA markets for stock items.

Our company is large enough to maintain a wide variety of yarn manufacturing equipment and is capable of manufacturing a yarn to suit your individual end use. However, we are small enough to offer this individualized service in order to get and maintain your business. Contact us and we will design a product to meet your specific needs.

Tactical Plans


  • From the beginning Fiber & Yarn Products has had to be innovative to be successful in the highly competitive textile industry.
  • This has been illustrated by the people we have hired and their ability to identify potential markets and modify equipment to provide a quality product at a reasonable price.
  • We plan to continue to operate in this manner evaluating new opportunities, and changing as necessary to provide our customers with the quality products they have come to expect.